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Vacation Bible School

Posted: 2020-08-21

Youth outreach. August would have normally been our time to host VBS/ Kid’s Club. Sadly, this year we had to cancel. However, the children are really on our minds. We can’t forget that this pandemic is really hard on young people too. Many have lost connections to friends, activities, sports, and access to any Christian teaching. Our VBS team put our heads together and came up with the great idea that kids love to get something in the mail and we decided to run with it. Earlier the week of August 10, 28 packages went out via Canada Post, to all our youth from Sunday School and last year’s VBS. Each envelope contained Bible stories, games, quizzes, a craft and a special card letting them know we cared and assuring them that God cared for them too. Please pray that youth, not just those in our church, but in our larger families and communities will come to know and trust God in their lives.

PDF: Aug 23,2020.pdf